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Say goodbye to the Yucca Mountain Project
Laid off ]
Posted by Krux on Thursday February 11, 2010 @ 01:48am
17 replies ]

The end is nigh! Yep, looks like the feds are going to withdraw the license application (unknown when yet, but my guess is March), and the project is going to be shut down. No funding for fiscal year 2011. Goodbye so long. No idea how long they're projecting it'll take to shut things down or what the plan is, but I'm not going to waste time on the job search.

Stop a bank robbery, lose your job
Laid off ]
Posted by Krux on Tuesday September 8, 2009 @ 09:49pm
7 replies ]

Quit your job Mario style
Laid off ]
Posted by Krux on Wednesday April 29, 2009 @ 11:23pm
6 replies ]

Pretty cool. A game developer quits 2K Australia by writing a Mario inspired browser based game.

Well it happened again...
Laid off ]
Posted by Krux on Wednesday April 1, 2009 @ 09:33pm
8 replies ]

Yesterday I got laid off by Bechtel SAIC Company, LLC. That's right, I'm unemployed...

So long Bechtel SAIC Company, LLC.
Laid off ]
Posted by Krux on Thursday February 12, 2009 @ 02:20pm
9 replies ]

I have this projected up on the wall above my cubicle at work, a countdown to when the company I work for, BSC, dissolves and USA Repository Services takes over, with a significant reduction in workforce:

MySQL Founder LF Work
Laid off ]
Posted by unicron on Thursday February 5, 2009 @ 06:13pm
2 replies ]

DELETE FROM employees WHERE COMPANY = 'Sun Microsystems' AND POSITION = 'MySQL founder';

Laid Off and My BBS Telnet Client
Laid off ]
Posted by ardorlan on Wednesday February 20, 2008 @ 07:52am
1 reply ]

=== Laid Off ==

Laid off ]
Posted by voltaic on Monday July 23, 2007 @ 10:12pm
130 replies ]

Started my new job today. I am a "product marketing analyst", which means I make a much better paycheck, no longer answer phones for a living, and spend much of my day reading the internet. The position is salaried so I don't have to punch a clock anymore either (haven't been free from those since I was self-employed). When I am working I mostly run ginormous custom DB reports of which there are currently 10 per month which isn't too bad even though everything is stored in Access files. But for my new check I'll keep my damn pie hole shut.

Laid off ]
Posted by voltaic on Thursday July 13, 2006 @ 11:52am
155 replies ]

Got an interview. Maybe it will be time to get back into the IT game.

Well now
Laid off ]
Posted by voltaic on Friday May 12, 2006 @ 11:44am
20 replies ]


Well, not yet...
Laid off ]
Posted by MadArab on Friday May 20, 2005 @ 12:11pm
10 replies ]

Damn, not too sure what's going on at work, but when senior management starts calling up for random "approx" counts of computers, networking equipment and other things, and certain divisions within the company being outsourced to other companies, you start to wonder how stable things are. Either way, I think I'm ok for now. I work for Perot, Perot is already paid for technical services provided to this contract... but I just don't know. So I'm doing a little looking around on Monster.

h@x0rz for hire
Laid off ]
Posted by formatc on Tuesday July 20, 2004 @ 07:16pm
more ]

Looks like a hidden treasure for security job seekers<more> Who knew he had this stuff available on his site? I'm asking him next week.

Laid off ]
Posted by ntqz on Friday December 19, 2003 @ 11:19am
13 replies ]

This article just makes me feel great. Now remind me why we've elected these spineless politicians willing to cave in to anybody who says that protectionism is bad?

"We don't think you are a good fit for this job anymore."
Laid off ]
Posted by aquaria on Sunday August 3, 2003 @ 03:19pm
26 replies ]

I was fired from my company of 3 and a half years, and my current position of 3 years on Friday, August 1st. I am pissed off, but in some ways happy as I now have some new opportunities available to me. Namely, using my real estate license. Sure, I could have quit months ago and moved in this direction, but I feared the lapse in income as I got my feet wet learning the ropes of actually selling homes. Now, I get unemployment while a good friend teaches me how to "Do It" without having to pay into a broker's office (this is the normal thing when selling homes that you pay either upfront or a part of your commission to the broker that "holds" your license for you). So bugger the bastards. I will miss most of the people, and some of the work, but I WILL NOT miss the asshole that became my boss recently when the Admin dept was reorganized. On him, I hope he ends up someone's bitch in prison. I am up for revenge if anyone has any suitable ideas. I try to walk with Buddha, but really, I think I am going to have to be a hairless ape in this case and wish for shit to be thrown at them that gots me fired.

unix sys admin job
Laid off ]
Posted by cracnup on Thursday August 1, 2002 @ 12:19pm
7 replies ]

posted this earlier, but doesn't look like it went through... there's a Unix admin position open at the CCSN. for anyone interested:

Got a job
Laid off ]
Posted by formatc on Sunday June 2, 2002 @ 08:19pm
25 replies ]

Alrighty then! I am employed. <more>I start in three weeks. I will unfortunately be moving to Bentonville, Arkansas (bring on the jokes). No, I didn't get a bonus for bringing DNA in from out of state. I'll be in the network security department at that retail company's headquarters.

you're fired!
Laid off ]
Posted by Krux on Thursday April 18, 2002 @ 09:24pm
16 replies ]

So I was doing a search for thcnet on google, and found a page that had linked to this site, which I found to be a positive example of perhaps one of the most serious whack jobs ever's resume.

Laid off...again
Laid off ]
Posted by Krux on Wednesday October 31, 2001 @ 04:42pm
more ]

Well, they just Laid off everyone in Las Vegas at Active IQ Technologies. Two weeks severance. You know it's not as much of a shock the second time you get laid off in a year. Just wish they had as good of a severance package as Nortel Networks did. Guess I'm back to looking for a job.

Laid off ]
Posted by Krux on Friday March 30, 2001 @ 10:25pm
more ]

Nortel announced that they were laying off 5000 more people. Last Thursday, while working in Colorado Springs on a project, I was notified via an email and a phone call from my boss that I'm going to California on Monday to find out I'm one of those 5000, as well as the details severance package I'll be getting.

Laid Off
Laid off ]
Posted by Porkchop on Friday March 30, 2001 @ 08:13pm
more ]

Appx. 500 employees were laid off from Cais Internet today including me. They gave me a small severance package and vacation pay and took my laptop and all my tools and said bye. Sux.