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Quick Questions ]
Posted by Dragoness on Tuesday October 22, 2013 @ 11:14am
5 replies ]

Hey I'm new here and I have difficulty navigating the site. I posted a message on the science board but I don't see it. Help please?

Quick Questions ]
Posted by shane on Friday May 20, 2011 @ 02:25pm
6 replies ]

okay i cant create an account on zork and i dont know why. ha im proly bein an idiot but i type:

Fucking Hardware
Quick Questions ]
Posted by Caliber on Monday October 27, 2008 @ 04:22am
26 replies ]

Ok, so I get back tonight from being gone for a week (and driving about 6 hours, which pretty much sets me off anyway) and all the sudden my god damn computer doesn't want to stay powered up. I hit the switch, HD and power lights come on for about 1 second and then shut down. I tried killing the main for awhile and that did nothing, checked all my connectors, even switched power and reset around just to see if it was the buttons themselves, fucking no dice...

Phone love..
Quick Questions ]
Posted by Stealth on Tuesday June 10, 2008 @ 03:38pm
33 replies ]

So, what did anyone think of the new iphone announcement? Considering we are all geeks and like gadgets.. better/worse then the new 9xxx blackberries that are scheduled for release? Still rolling with a Palm or a Windows CE device? Me, I love my Nokia's, but depending on how contract time goes, I could see myself with one of these come the fall. Fast 3G with GPS.. and the google integration? that's nice.

MAC question.
Quick Questions ]
Posted by chief on Wednesday October 10, 2007 @ 06:39pm
18 replies ]

I recently bought a mac book pro and I can't stand the brushed metal GUI. I mean of all the themes they could have chosen, even a flat grey [like Windows 98] would have been great for a default look, but "brushed metal" makes me want to puke. Question is, has anyone here tried any third party skinning programs for the mac OS, and if so do they seem to slow it down like Windows Blinds does?

Linux Console Text Size
Quick Questions ]
Posted by Dun Malg on Friday February 16, 2007 @ 10:21pm
2 replies ]

My latest stupid Linux question:

OK, quick question. Anyone looking for a video card?
Quick Questions ]
Posted by chief on Wednesday January 17, 2007 @ 10:52pm
19 replies ]

About 2 months ago i bought a new high end system which included this video card: eVGA GeForce 7950GX2 1GB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Dual GPU Video Card - Retail

Wow, i suck at writing apparently... WTF!?
Quick Questions ]
Posted by chief on Tuesday November 28, 2006 @ 06:53pm
8 replies ]

OK, so i started college after 15 years of nothing. Last grade completed was 8th. And last week, my first paper gets a D. ......a D! And its not the grade that upsets me, its because my teachers reason is this: Need to follow better writing convection's. That's it. That's all he had to say, and still gave me a damn D! WTF is wrong with this? I don't get it.....

Fine, didn't want my mail anyways
Quick Questions ]
Posted by Caliber on Thursday August 10, 2006 @ 11:33pm
9 replies ]

So am I no longer able to log into my email because of the works/thc comment or what? ;)

Linux Networking
Quick Questions ]
Posted by Dun Malg on Monday July 17, 2006 @ 09:05am
12 replies ]

Here's my latest stupid Linux question:

DSL vs. Cable vs Clearwire
Quick Questions ]
Posted by Caliber on Monday June 12, 2006 @ 01:18pm
42 replies ]

Well, our house closes escrow on the 20th, so I am looking to change my internet service. I have been using cable since hella long time ago, so I never kept up with the others. Now the wife wants to ditch the cable, which is fine, but I am curious on everyone's thoughts on cable, DSL, and Clearwire...

Debian is quite satisfactory
Quick Questions ]
Posted by Dun Malg on Thursday May 25, 2006 @ 09:49am
19 replies ]

OK, so after a year of pig-wrestling with my (long ago abandoned by Sun) Cobalt-Linux based Raq which can't run MySQL or Php beyond v3.x or so without the (required) Cobalt web interface barfing on your shoes, I've had enough. $300 later I am setting up an AMD64 whitebox to run Debian (apt-get update, apt-get upgrade! up yours, you jackass "install only one package at a time through the slow-ass web interface with no indication of dependencies" dorks at Sun/Cobalt!).

Shell Scripts
Quick Questions ]
Posted by Dun Malg on Wednesday May 10, 2006 @ 10:20am
30 replies ]

OK, so now I'm up to shell scripts. There are a shitload of tutorials all over the place on 'em, but being that I don't know what I'm trying to do, I don't know how to search for the answer.

Anyone ever installed a wiki?
Quick Questions ]
Posted by Dun Malg on Tuesday April 25, 2006 @ 08:04am
14 replies ]

I'm trying to get a wiki up on my Cobalt Raq. My first attempt was MediaWiki (as used by Wikipedia). After two days of juggling dependencies and figuring out the appropriate configure script switches, I managed to upgrade PHP on my Raq above v4.3 as required by MediaWiki, only to find out that the damn Cobalt web interface totally chokes on any PHP newer than 4.0.6! So now I'm downgrading to 4.0.6 and looking for a different wiki engine. Anyone got any insight on a good wiki for old, somewhat non-upgradeable systems?

Another Stupid Linux Question
Quick Questions ]
Posted by Dun Malg on Thursday March 30, 2006 @ 10:26pm
9 replies ]

Some jackass in portugal or some shit got his computer "pwned!" and the damn thing is just HAMMERING my server on semi-random ports with login attempts via SSH, gopher, you name it. Normally I wouldn't care, but he's apparently got enough outbound bandwidth to put a dent in my inbound, and that's affecting my ability to get porn off USENET at max efficiency. Is there a simple way to get a linux runnin' machine to ignore all attempts at contact from a particular IP address or range of addresses?

quick question...
Quick Questions ]
Posted by iforgotmylogin on Saturday March 25, 2006 @ 10:25pm
3 replies ]

So i am trying to create a mySQL database for my page for use with the Gallery software version 2. The problem i am having is that my host only allows me to create one [at least thats what i believe is the problem]. I have emailed them, with no reply. Is there a way around this? I already have one which i created for use with b2evolution, but i would also like to use the Gallery version 2 software, for my photos. I created the first one using Plesk and I.E., had no problems with that. But now i am apparently at my limit of a whoppin 1 whole database! Is there a good reason for why you dont want more than one database on a site, or is this simply the limit my host has chosen for me? Anyways, since you guys are [to me] like 10 million times smarter with this stuff, maybe you know of a trick or another way to create one without running into "my 1 database limit"?

Apache under Linux, Dumbass Question
Quick Questions ]
Posted by Dun Malg on Friday March 24, 2006 @ 12:54pm
6 replies ]

So, when hit a phtml file on my server and firefox pops a window that sez "You have chosen to open: [blank space here] which is a: application/x-httpd-php4" with a prompt for choosing what to open it with, does that mean I don't have PHP4 installed right and Apache isn't passing the php code off to it? I have a Cobalt Raq4 with the Raq550 OS on it It's a Redhat variant, but the software installation is handled via .pkg files, which are basically redhat .rpm 's wrapped with with even more install/config scripting so even an MCSE can install one. I installed the PHP4 .pkg, but who knows if it actually worked...